Wander With Me Video

The Wander with Me (written and performed by Brittany Jean) music video, was a fun project to work on. The artist lives in Washington state, and I'm located a bit of a distance away - at the time in Indiana. 

The video was created in partnership with a videographer in Washington. We collaborated with the artist on the direction of how we wanted the video to look, and then executed production. One of the fun parts of getting to work on this project was the collaboration from beginning to end on the video. The videographer filmed the video and created a first cut to put all the pieces together and start the process of getting feedback from the artist.

From there we fine-tuned the final cut, worked on color correction, polished a couple rough edges, and we published it. It was a exciting to be a part of and we couldn't be happier with how it all turned out. 

Satellite Black also had the opportunity to work on Brittany Jean's album artwork for her third album.