Wander With Me Video

The Wander with Me (written and performed by Brittany Jean) music video, was a fun project to work on. The artist lives in Washington state, and I'm located a bit of a distance away - at the time in Indiana. 

The video was created in partnership with a videographer in Washington. We collaborated with the artist on the direction of how we wanted the video to look, and then executed production. One of the fun parts of getting to work on this project was the collaboration from beginning to end on the video. The videographer filmed the video and created a first cut to put all the pieces together and start the process of getting feedback from the artist.

From there we fine-tuned the final cut, worked on color correction, polished a couple rough edges, and we published it. It was a exciting to be a part of and we couldn't be happier with how it all turned out. 

Satellite Black also had the opportunity to work on Brittany Jean's album artwork for her third album.

How to Create A Vector Signature

Creating a vector signature is one of the easier things to do in Adobe Illustrator. Below is a step-by-step approach to how you can convert an image of a signature into a vector. It is surprisingly simple to do because of Adobe's tools.

Watch this 1:33 second video to quickly learn how to convert a signature to a vector. Subscribe to Satellite Black on youtube to get more of these videos as they are published.


The Value of B-roll

B-roll is critically important to making excellent videos. Without it, your video is bound to be boring and severely limit what you can do in the editing room.

With good B-roll, you give yourself options when it comes to editing, and you can increase the visual interest in your film. Don't just tell the story through a video, show the story. If your video is a live event, show the location through detail shots, show what is being talked about, don't just focus your camera on a talking head and walk away.

Think about what your video will look like for someone watching it on mute. Will they stay interested? What will make them turn the sound on? If they want to know more about what they are seeing, they will want to hear and see your video. B-roll helps add interest and tell your story in a more concise and impactful way.

Record everything, give yourself or your editor options in post production.

Here's a quick video I recorded just for fun to show what you can do with B-roll footage. This whole video is B-roll, telling the story without sound, just clips of what happened and what it looked like up close.